Access to this system is permitted only for official law enforcement and criminal justice purposes and any information received from this system cannot be disseminated beyond law enforcement and criminal justice agencies. The information contained on this system is confidential and is protected by written agreement with the Pennsylvania State Police and statutory provisions that prevent improper or unauthorized dissemination. I also acknowledge that system use may be monitored and recorded and is subject to audit.


I acknowledge my legal responsibility to not use this system for any personal purposes and that the use of this system must be directly related to the criminal justice/law enforcement purposes for which I have been authorized. I also understand that access to CLEAN/NCIC is only to be from an official agency authorized device.


I also acknowledge that I may not assist any other person in using this system improperly. Should I observe any violation of the system in terms of confidentiality, dissemination or security, I will immediately notify my Terminal Agency Coordinator (TAC) or the Pennsylvania State Police, CLEAN Administrative Section.


Finally, I realize that any violation of system security, confidentiality or dissemination, or my toleration of a violation by anyone else, may lead to administrative sanctions, criminal prosecution and/or civil proceedings being taken against myself and or my terminal agency for improper disclosure or misuse of the data derived from this system. I also understand that my access can be removed by the CLEAN Administrative Section for a violation of the CLEAN Administrative Regulations or Just Cause.


Questions can be directed to the Pennsylvania State Police Help Desk at 877-777-3375 or emailed to the CLEAN Administrative Section at

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